Description of Commonly Seen Fees

Amount When applied?
Chargeback Fee $25 After the bank has determined after contacting the merchant a transaction is not an authorized. Prevention is the best method. We're happy to help your business with procedures to reduce/avoid chargebacks.
Retrieval Fee $7-$10 A cardholder challenges a transaction. This fee is charged by the bank to cover costs of working with the merchant to investigate the transaction. If the cardholder wins the challenge, it leads to an additional chargeback fee and transaction reversal :(
Debit Authorization Fees $0.05 Every debit card transaction. This fee is included in our offers although shown in statements separately. It is charged for debit card authorizations because they have a different legal requirements.
T&E Authorization Fees $0.05 For each American Express, JCB and Discover transaction. These cards are considered Travel and Entertainment cards issued by companies rather than by a bank. This fee is included in our quotes but shows up as a separate line item in statements.
When it changes once or twice a year, by Visa/MC once or twice a year, by Visa/MC
Online Statement Fee $5 Monthly fee for online statements. This is included in our offers
Annual Fee $15 This fee is included in our offers. It is an account maintenance fee
Wireless Monthly Fee $25 Charged only if you choose to use our wireless service for payment processing. Otherwise you would not see this fee
PCI Fee $5 Monthly fee charged for PCI compliance scans and support with PCI. This is to maintain security at your POS systems so that breaches that expose cardholder information can be prevented This fee is also included in our offers