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Blue Pebble is a leading payments processor. We offer unprecedented customer service with our merchant accounts and help you reduce your processing fees.

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I recently opened my own [Speciality] Cafe in Folsom. I started as a Food Truck and did special events & catering. Since day one in business, I used Square for my credit card processing and it worked great. I thought the fees were reasonable and I received my funds quickly. So have you ever heard the term "you don't know what you don't know"... Well I'm very happy to say that [Blue Pebble Team Member] from Blue Pebble stopped in my cafe and opened my eyes to a better solution. I'm extremely pleased and happy that I switched all my credit card processing to Blue Pebble, since I switched I've saved so much in fees. I love saving money but more than that, I value service. The team at Blue Pebble were awesome and helped me get up and running smoothly...they earned my business! I also like to promote local business as much as possible, we need to stick together!
Kit S. (Folsom, CA)

Credit card processing is one of the last issues I want to deal with as a business owner. Changing over to Blue Pebble Solutions made that process simple! Working one-on-one with [Blue Pebble Team Member] has been wonderful. He helped with each step through the change and setup as he is truly dedicated to his promises. Blue Pebble Solutions has met and exceeded all my expectations!
Milane P. (Shingle Springs, CA)

I have always been skeptical of credit card processors since opening my business. The gentleman I previously worked with had ruined my trust with processors due to lack of communication, false advertisement, broken promises and high rates. Since I met [Blue Pebble Team Member] with Blue Pebble Solutions he has upheld every promise and worked with me from the beginning of switching processors, to following up with me each month after changing! Having a local company and working in person with [Blue Pebble Team Member] has definitely made a highly satisfied customer and I have been extremely glad to give them any referrals.
RJ H (Diamond Springs, CA)

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Now offering the Poynt Smart Terminal

Two screens. All business.

The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience for merchants and customers. Blue Pebble is pleased to offer the Poynt Smart Terminal for its merchants. With an inbuilt app store, the Poynt Smart Terminal offers a range of apps to choose from. Learn more about its features here.
You can get this terminal free of cost if you process above $30,000 per month.
Contact us for additional details [For a free terminal, contract is required. Separate monthly fee of $15 applies for Poynt] .
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The interchange plus merchant account is designed to give you a complete insight into what your exact processing costs are

Face to Face Retail Merchant
Txn Rate Interchange +0.35%
Txn Fee Interchange +$0.15
Setup Fee $0
Monthly Fee $15
Cancellation Fee $0
24/7 Support Included
PCI Support Included
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E-Commerce Merchant
Txn Rate Interchange +0.40%
Txn Fee Interchange +$0.20
Setup Fee $0
Monthly Fee $20
Cancellation Fee $0
24/7 Support Included
PCI Support Included
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What about hidden fees?

Hidden fees are some of the bigger pain points in a merchant-processor relationship. This happens when all the fees are not disclosed upfront and when they are applied. We will explain all fees that may apply to your account. Here are the most common fees and when they occur.

About Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange is the rate charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express to all processors regardless of their size. Interchange is also called wholesale pricing. Getting pure interchange without markup means you have a team to create and support your systems that directly connect to Visa/MasterCard network. Getting access to this network is a feat of its own in terms of process and investment. If you are a small and medium-sized business, you may not prefer to support the cost of such a team. Alternatively, you can use our scale of operations to process payments through us where we have dedicated systems to process with various Card payment processor.

What's the value of the Plus markup?

We are dedicated to small and medium size businesses and geared to give great customer service. We also provide various value added services that may increase your business customers and reduce your rates even further. For such value, we charge a small markup upon the interchange rate. Interchange plus the markup is called the "Interchange-Plus" pricing. This pricing is as transparent as it can get. This is because, the interchange rate is public information viewable on Visa/Mastercard website (Google: Visa Interchange Rates) and same for all merchants regardless of size. Then, you already know how much mark up we added and any monthly fees to know exactly what you are paying for.

What does Interchange Plus charge look like?

Let's take a simple example of a transaction in 2018. The discount rate depends on the type of card used by the customer.

Card Type Interchange Rate Card Brand Fees Blue Pebble Price True Rate
Visa Debit Retail Swipe Exempt 0.80% + $0.15 0.14% + $0.03 0.35% + $0.30 1.29% + $0.48
MC Credit Retail Swipe World Elite 2.20% + $0.10 0.11% + $0.02 0.35% + $0.30 2.66% + $0.42
When it changes once or twice a year, by Visa/MC once or twice a year, by Visa/MC Never Increases! NA

CTAs for Legal Professionals

As required by the State Bar, Legal Professionals hold client funds in a Client Trust Accounts (CTAs) separately from Office accounts.
Blue Pebble merchant accounts support the use of CTAs easily so that you can remain in compliance while accepting credit card payments.
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